Public hearings

Public hearings for the Commission of Inquiry were spread over six modules. The hearings provided an opportunity to hear witnesses giving evidence before the Commission, and also for that evidence to be tested by the parties who have been given leave to appear.

Module One of the public hearings mainly covered topics relating to decision making around forensic DNA testing thresholds in 2018 and 2022, as well as related matters. These hearings ran from Monday 26 September 2022 until Tuesday 4 October 2022.

Module Two and Three of the public hearings commenced on Monday 10 October 2022 and concluded on Friday 21 October 2022. The topics covered in these modules related to technical/scientific issues to do with forensic analysis, the collection of DNA evidence and use of sexual assault investigation kits in Queensland, and the culture of the Forensic & Scientific Services laboratory and how this has impacted on various scientific issues.

Module Four of the public hearings commenced on Monday 24 October 2022 and concluded on Tuesday 1 November 2022. This module looked at the management of the FSS laboratory.

Module Five of the public hearings commenced on Tuesday 1 November 2022 and concluded on Wednesday 2 November 2022. This module examined scientific issues with the laboratory.

Module Six of the public hearings commenced on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November 2022, and was the final public hearings for the Commission. This module looked at the matter of Shandee Blackburn.

Hearings were open to the public (unless closed by the Commissioner for specific matters) and were livestreamed via this website. Recordings and transcripts for each sitting day are published on the website.

Exhibits and other relevant documents are uploaded onto the website if approved by the Commissioner, and with appropriate redactions. Non-publication orders have been made in respect of some aspects of the public hearings, which can be found on the publications page.

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7 December, 2022
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7 December, 2022